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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  April 16, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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with the season. thanks for watching. the next local update is 7:26. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, april 16th 2014. welcome to cbs "this morning." hundreds are missing overnight after a ferry disaster near south korea. seth doane with how the u.s. navy is rushing to help. >> more than $15 million worth of cocaine seized by the coast guard, only on cbs "this morning," we are on board the ship that made the massive bust. >> and we're on top of the empire stay building. how do you suppose they got a ford mustang up there? >> and we begin with today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> at least four people have died and around 300 more are
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missing after a ferry capsized. >> a disaster unfolds off the south korean coast. >> about 200 were rescued. most of the passengers were teen-agers from a high school. >> many grabbed life jackets and jumped overboard. >> the bomb scare in boston on the anniversary of the marathon attack. >> police destroy back packs left near the finish line. they do have a man in custody. >> it happened on the same day thousands gathered to mark the first anniversary of the boston marathon bombing. >> we are boston we are america. we respond. we endure. we overcome and we own the finish line. >> the story in ukraine. >> the pro-russians have taken two ukrainian soldiers hostage. >> from the midwest to new england, a coating of snow. >> freeze warnings all the way down to louisiana. >> and a storm triggered flooding in vermont. >> when it did happen it came
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on fast. >> the duke and duchess and prince george arriving in australia. >> visiting the sidney opera house. >> a wild police chase. a mother behind the wheel with her daughter on her lap. >> a 3-year-old boy somehow got stuck inside of a toy claw machine. we were like how did he get in there? >> shumpert! major highlight. >> and all that matters. >> ac-dc, one of the most legendary rock bands in history call it quits. >> there have been reports that malcolm young is sick. one source close to the band says these are just rumors. >> donald trump says he's serious about buying an nfl team. yeah. trump said i love football that's why i'm always wearing this helmet. >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places.
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welcome to cbs "this morning." good morning, norah. >> good morning. breaking news this morning. >> a disaster is unfolding in the waters off south korea. a ferry filled with high school students capsized this morning. officials say nearly 300 passengers are missing. >> a massive underwater such is under way off korea's southwest coast. five people are confirmed dead. more than 150 others were saved. seth doane is in beijing tracking those rescue efforts there. seth, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. a new u.s. navy ship is on standby in the area ready to aid in this rescue effort. we've heard from passengers who were on board that ferry of scenes of it tilting and shifting and people diving into the cold water. passengers were hoisted to safety in helicopters, while those still stranded clng to railings and the side of the
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sinking ship. 18 helicopters, along with about 80 coast guard navy vessels and private fishing boats rushed to try to save passengers, who reported hearing a lot bang before the ship started to sink. survivors were rushed to a makeshift clinic. the announcement told us we should stay still, this rescued student said but it was already sinking and a lot of students did not get out of the ship. authorities reported burns, hype hypothermia and broken bones among injuries. many were high school students on their way to the southern resort island of jeju. a distress call and the ship had all but sunk two and a half hours later.
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parents checked the list to see if their kids were on the boat and hundreds boarded buses to take to the area where the boat sank. this mother of a high school student said i felt like my heart stopped. i can't describe the feeling with one word. i can't even talk about it. along with the passengers and crew on board, the ferry was also carrying about 150 vehicles. authorities have not said why they believe that that ferry got into trouble. norah? >> seth thank you. a man faces charges this morning after a security scare near the boston marathon finish line. he's accused of leaving a hoax device last night as the city marked one year after the marathon bombing. jeff is near downtown boston. >> reporter: good morning. police found two unattended bags last night. one had camera equipment inside.
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the other a pressure cooker but no explosives inside just confetti. police blew up the pair of back packs around 9:00 last night, about two hours after they were first discovered. the suspect is 25-year-old kavon edson, seen earlier in the evening wearing a black veil walking erratically, shouting "boston strong." >> boston strong! >> with the marathon coming we are taking this serious. our officers have been trained in looking for any kind of suspicious activity and when it is brought to their attention, they act upon it. >> reporter: that came just hours after the city came together to mark the one-year anniversary of the attacks. >> today we remember. >> reporter: a tribute began with pictures of the four that died. many more were injured,
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including patrick downs. >> we will always remember our guardian angels. i am so proud to be a bostonian because i am so proud to be connected to all of you. >> america will never, ever ever stand down. we are boston we are america. we respond, we endure we overcome and we own the finish line. >> when that was over, a walk down boylston street and a moment of silence. a flag was raised bells tolled. then perhaps the most inspiring sight on tribute day, paul and j.p.nordan, who were both spectators and lost legs in the bombings crossed the finish line. they walked the entire 22.6 mile
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marathon route on tuesday. the marathon is still five days away, always held on the third monday in april. 36,000 runners are expected more than a million spectators along the route. >> jeff thanks. lawyers for the surviving suspect will ask a judge today to drop some charges in the bombing case. his attorneys say the long list of charges could make a jury more likely to convict tsarnaev. >> u.s. intelligence is examining a video that appears to show the largest al qaeda gathering in years. the money are meeting in a rugged mountainous area. many carry black flags and rifles. bob orr is in washington where officials believe the video is recent and genuine. bob, why do they believe this tape may be significant? >> good morning, norah. this video is part al qaeda pep
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rally and part propaganda tape. officials say it's highly unusual to so a large gathering of militants in an area so frequently targeted by u.s. drone strikes and it's very rare to see senior commanders appear in that setter. we have a leader who restates his vow to strike the united states. because the tape celebrates a february prison break by al qaeda fighters in yemen, officials believe this tape was made recently. and it shows al qaeda fighters were their faces blurred out. the worry now is that those operatives could be involved in some kind of future plotting. u.s. officials are taking a hard look at the tape trying to pick up any clues that could point to specific threats. >> i was going to ask you how much of a threat they were but it sounds like based on that kind of story, they consider this a serious threat. >> absolutely charlie.
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this is the most powerful al qaeda franchise on the globe and the group that tried in recent years to hit us in the u.s. it's the group behind the two underwear bombs and to put bombs in computers on planes and the master bombmaker is still working to perfect undetectable bombs. intel officials assure us he remains in yemen and continues to pose a very real threat charlie. >> thanks bob. if you're heading east this morning, brace for unusually cold weather. central park saw its first dusting of april snow in three years. >> in northern and central vermont, flood warnings are posted this morning. heavy rain pushed rivers above flood stage. it got so cold in porter oklahoma farmers hired helicopters to fly over peach crops to push warm air down into the trees. megan glaros of our station wbbm
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is watching the cold weather's next move. >> good morning. possible record cold from michigan to georgia this morning. frost advisories are posted all the way from oklahoma to long island this morning, with very cold april temperature in these areas. in the west fairly mild getting up to the 90s in phoenix, 87 degrees in las vegas but 67 for los angeles, a little cooler today. what we see in the north is a very big snowstorm. we looking at the potential for as much as a foot to maybe as much as a foot and a half of snow across portions of northern wisconsin, up into the upper peninsula of michigan. it could be one of the biggest snowstorms this late in the season on record. >> severe weather is being blamed for a crash off virginia beach. a smaller vessel collided with a
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1,000 foot container ship. no injuries or leaks are reported from either accident. >> the conflict in ukraine is escalating this morning. government troops launched operations against pro-russian forces. russian president vladimir putin is warning that ukraine is on the brink of civil war. holly williams reports that both sides are putting on a major show of force. >> reporter: good morning. here in eastern ukraine, the country's military and armed separatists are putting on rival shows of strength. this morning there were masked gunmen on the streets and armored personnel carriers flying the russian flag. this town, like many others is now in the hands of pro-russian militants. ukrainian troops were
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helicoptered in yesterday to try to rest that control of an airfield from separatists. and 40 miles away more ukrainian soldiers made preparation for a fight against the insurgents. their general described it as an anti-terrorist operation. ukraine's leaders blame moscow for instigating unrest here but the militants have popular support for many russian speaking ukrainians who say they're discriminated against by their government. "we're fighting for ourselves and our land," said this man. "do i look like a terrorist to you?" we found pro-russian people handing out papers that grabbed our eye. this congratulations people on
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the forming of the republic of donetsk. that's what officials are trying to prevent but using force is high risk. russia has condemned ukraine's actions as criminal. the fear is what happened in crimea last month, where separatist actions were a pretext for russian soldiers to move in and annex the region. as ukraine teeters on the brink of civil war, many people in this part of the country have told us they would welcome russian soldiers on the streets. for cbs "this morning," holly williams. >> another big setback this morning in the search for malaysia airlines flight 370. the targeted area covers a remote part of the indian ocean, 1,200 miles from perth, australia. for the second time in as many days technical problems forced a u.s. navy robotic submarine back to the surface. it was able to return to the
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water but found nothing today. >> the coast guard in south florida is showing off the results of a mass of cocaine bust. we go to miami for a firsthand look that you'll see only on cbs "this morning." >> reporter: good morning. this coast guard cutter is scheduled to leave port shortly. we were on the culttter as it brought confiscated drugs back to land. crew members began offloading drugs tuesday afternoon. each bundle filled with nearly 30 pounds of cocaine. it's the culmination of the ship's seven-week deployment patrolling caribbean waters. on march 15th a fishing boat caught fire and sank after law enforcement officials boarded the vessel.
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shortly after, cocaine was found floating in the water. days later, a ship in the caribbean, allegedly at the hands of drug dealers was intercepted. members of the coast guard retrieved the drugs and sent the money to colombia for prosecution. >> in this case we were successful finding two drug smuggling vessel and recovered the cocaine. >> we boarded this ship early tuesday morning off the coast of miami and sailed alongside the same crew that retrieved the cocaine as they prepared to unload it. >> this is a substantial amount of cocaine, $110 million worth of cocaine that's not going to reach the shores of the united states. >> reporter: 80% of the cocaine that comes into the u.s. travels over water. the coast guard is the only military agency that can enforce
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both u.s. and international laws on the high seas. >> each and every day our men and women are on ships at sea, flying in the air, focused on the counterdrug mission. it's one of the core missions we do for the coast guard, one of the core missions we do for the nation and we help protect our borders. >> reporter: in spite of its most recent success, the coast guard said it is only catching one third of the drug smugglers passing through here. the drugs seized in this most recent interdiction will now be destroyed. >> the ""detroit free press"" looks at developments in the recall. gm wants to delay a judge from deciding on a class action suit. they want to see if another judge will protect them from claims.
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>> and plain clothed detectives were sent into muslim neighborhoods, places where people eat, pray and shop. they say it harmed national security by creating mistrust in islamic communities. >> classes resume at franklin regional high school in murray dls m-- murrysville. >> the white supremacist accused of shooting and killing three people at community centers will face charges. he is charged with one count of capital murder and two counts of first degree murder. >> "usa today" said 100,000 doctors and other medical
7:19 am
workers are struggling with addiction or abuse. that could lead to patients being given the wrong medication or contracting an illness such as hepatitis. >> and "the san francisco chronicle" says so far kill switches are on the way to deter smartphone thieves. it will allow owners to erase the data to make the phone inoperable. the owner could then restore the data. kill switches will be available next year. >> up ahead, we're on top of the we're starting out with lots of sunshine in the bay area, sticking around all day. patchy fog out toward the coastline. still world cupping mostly sunny and these temperatures going to be mild to warm
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outside in fact, this afternoon soaring into the upper 70s in san jose, 81 color, 76 santa rosa, 69 san francisco, 81 concord, cooling down tomorrow with more low clouds and fog, cooler starting out the weekend. >> announc this national weather report sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> nationwide is on your side. major league baseball is major league baseball is rocked by a disturbing new report. >> ahead how a star player may
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have been kidnapped while being smuggled to america by a drug cartel. >> the news is back here on cbs this morning. stay tuned for your local news. >> announcer: this portion of >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by ♪ ♪ boring! yeah! ♪ if you want to see old faithful ♪ ♪ don't be such a couch potato ♪ ♪ yeah just go check out the thing for yourself ♪ highlander! ♪ we ain't got no room for boring ♪ ♪ ferdy gerdy ferdy ger boom! ♪ [ cluck, cluck ] ♪ no, we ain't got no room ♪ ♪ for boring ♪ ♪ for boring, we ain't got no room ♪ ahh! [ male announcer ] the all-new highlander. toyota. let's go places. ♪ ♪ ♪ new hershey's spreads. bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate
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after a shooting in a target ple good morning. 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat on this wednesday. here's what's happening around the bay area. a teenager now in critical condition after a shooting at a target parking lot. two people were shot outside the store on mcdonald avenue in richmond. it happened yesterday evening. so far they have no arrests. investigators are trying to determine how an apartment building caught fire in san francisco. flames shot out of the rooftop of a multistory complex. this is on dolores street. 9 people were displaced yesterday afternoon. and bart unveiling its fleet of the future today. the public gets a good look at the new car design at the justin herman plaza in san francisco at 11:00 today first of several events scheduled around the bay area. new cars by the way go in service in the year 2017. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment.
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7:28 am
checking traffic at the bay bridge, metering lights are on, stacked up to the maze, but lighter than usual especially down the eastshore freeway. only about 24 minutes between the carquinez bridge to the maze in those westbound lanes. hazy conditions on westbound 580 and slowing as well through the livermore valley. very heavy until you reach vasco. mass transit all on time including bart. that's traffic. here's lawrence. high pressure overhead and strengthening today. a lot more sunshine already and plenty of sunshine toward the afternoon all pointing toward a warmer day over the financial district in san francisco. it is a bit hazy this morning. that's the one thing. we had a couple of patches of fog near the coastline this afternoon, sunny-side up and looking good all the way to the beaches today. some sunshine there mid-60s into pacifica, 78 in san jose, about 81 in the napa valley.
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7:30 am
newly released video shows a horse drawn carriage racing out of control in savannah georgia, monday. the horse was startled by something and ran through the streets, crashing into several cars. the driver suffered broken bones but five passengers escaped serious injury. the horse was not hurt. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, thousands of young americans fighting in syria. the co-author of a new report calls it a summer camp for jihadists. clarissa ward looking at the impact it's having on the fight there. the top of the empire state building is doubling at a parking spot this morning. we'll show you how ford is scaling extraordinary heights to celebrate that classic mustang. that's ahead.
7:31 am
he's one of the most talked about young players in major league baseball. yasiel puig made his way from cuba and wound up playing for the los angeles dodgers. as ben tracy shows us new revelations about how he got to the u.s. are raising questions about his past and his safety. >> reporter: with his power at the plate yasiel puig has electied the los angeles dodgers. ever since he joined the team last june rumors have been swirling as fast as he rounds the bases. >> there's something mysterious lurking there. >> reporter: jesse katz is the author of a chilling story in los angeles magazine details puig's escape from cuba. the magazine claims the journey was funded by a miami man named raul pacheco. who in june of 2012 offered cuban smugglers $250,000 to take puig from cuba to mexico with the help of a mexican drug cartel. but then pacheco allegedly did
7:32 am
not immediately pay up. what happens when they get to mexico? >> once they get to mexico that's where the craziness begins. in a dumpy motel off the coast of cancun. and they want their money. and they hold him captive there for 20-some-odd days as the price for his head is being negotiated. >> reporter: puig's miami backer sent in a rescue team that brought him to mexico city. >> literally within a couple days, he's auditioning for major league scouts. >> reporter: the dodgers gave him a seven-year contract worth $42 million. according to l.a. magazine raul pacheco, the man who helped him escape gets 20% of puig's lifetime earnings. puig did not respond to our request for an interview. in any other circumstance we would describe this as human trafficking. what's the difference? >> oh, i don't think there is any difference. this is human trafficking as best as i can tell. i think on this end, major league baseball, the dodgers,
7:33 am
the u.s. government, doesn't really want to know about what he went through and what he suffered to get here. >> reporter: since 2009 at least 20 cuban defectors have signed major league baseball contracts worth more than $300 million. author peter barkjarkman says the united states' relationship with cuba -- >> because of major league baseball's regulations, in order to sign as a free agent he has to first take residence in a third country. he can't come directly to the united states. >> reporter: puig has become famous for his bravado on the field and speed off of it. he was pulled over in florida last year for driving 110 miles per hour with his mother in the car. the dodgers declined to comment on puig's past. preferring that their right fielder focuses on the game and not on allegations that seem to come out of left field. for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, los angeles.
7:34 am
>> it's an amazing story. i'm interested in who's doing the financing. and what's at stake for them. >> i'm curious about what mr. puig has to say about all this stuff swirling around him. what's he think? >> absolutely. >> who are the people negotiating with him. >> that's right. bizarre. a new report is out this morning and looks at the role of foreign fighters in syria's three year civil war. in are radicalized westerners including americans. clarissa ward. >> reporter: good morn ing. it's estimated 100 americans have traveled to syria to fight in the civil war alongside thousands of europeans. we got a preview of a report that looks at why they're flocking there and which reveals the american who inspires them. >> we've come to kill anyone who comes our way. >> reporter: in syria a new generation of jihadists from the west is tweeting and posting selfies of their exploits on the battlefield.
7:35 am
and trying to recruit their friends to join them. >> shiraz maher is the co-author of a ground breaking new report by the international center for the study of radicalization that focuses on those western fighters. >> i think what surprised us is the level of openness from these guys. we see a lot of pictures. a lot of videos. people fooling around. relaxing. it's like summer camp for jihadists. >> reporter: but the biggest surprise for maher and his team was the role played by this man. ahmad musa jibril. an american cleric from dearborn michigan who received his religious training in saudi arabia. the study analyzed western fighter social media. a spiders web of connections show jibril as the leading source of inspiration. >> this large circle you see here is jibril. and all of the lines that you see going in those are follows from foreign fighters. >> reporter: that's jibril?
7:36 am
>> yeah. >> reporter: on twitter jibril frequently lionizes westerners that have died in syria. he never explicitly recruits fighters. instead his online sermons appeal to the young men who follow him. >> our honor are being raped then you don't get made your fate is at stake. >> they operate like cheerleaders. they provide all the intellectual infrastructure, the moral imperatives to act. then they leave you to make the conclusion and inference yourself. >> reporter: many of the westerners who have joined the fight in syria have already died there. but a significant number will eventually come home. and that's where the real danger may lie. >> people who have training in war zones, when they return those are disproportionately more likely to succeed and kill in greater numbers. >> reporter: a former senior government official has told cbs news that al qaeda is running training camps inside syria for
7:37 am
those foreign fighters who are planning to return home to give them the skills they may need to carry out attacks there. gayle? >> thank you clarissa. an update to a story we told you about on monday. the hunt for bears continues this morning near orlando. florida wildlife officers killed seven black bears in the suburb of lake mary after a woman was attacked there on saturday. authorities say the animal showed no fear of people making them a threat. terri came across several bears the other day. they were feeding from trash cans. pulled her out of the garage and one bear mauled her. her son called 911. >> 911. do you need police, fire or medical. >> i need help in my house. a bear attacked -- >> okay. >> eltell me exactly what happened. >> she came in screaming. she said a bear attacked. >> is she awake? is she awake is this. >> she's awake. >> is she breathing? >> she's breathing.
7:38 am
she's just traumatized. she's breathing and she's bleeding hard. >> okay. >> she's now home from the hospital. just listening to the 911 call is very terrifying. as you heard her husband say, she's traumatized but she's going to be okay. scary stuff. >> incredibly scary. now to this story. a mustang is riding high this morning. very high. michelle miller is 86 stories above new york city. >> reporter: was it horsepower or manpower that got this 8 cylinder 5.1 convertible mustang to the top of the empire state building on its 50th birthday no less? i'm michelle miller. the answer coming up on "cbs this morning." miller. the answer coming up on "cbs this morning."
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a half century ago today the
7:43 am
ford mustang made its debut at the fair in new york. this morning its birthday is hard to top. >> yeah. michelle miller is on the observation deck of the empire state building, 86 floors above the streets of manhattan. michelle, top of the morning to you. >> reporter: top of the morn dwroug. it took six months to plain on how to get the mustang to the top of the building. not an easy job considering there's only one way up. it's just past midnight. these aren't your standard new york city delivery men. they're part of the design team all focused on bringing the ford mustang on a 1,000 feet journey in the air. it's a publicity stunt worthy of two american legends.
7:44 am
>> why do they saying hmm? >> because the empire state building stands in many ways for america and we believe mustangs do too. we believe it's the ultimate american sports car. >> this is the car that dreams are made of. >> 50 years ago the ford mustang made its debut at the world's fair in new york city. the latest in car design the first edition featured carpets and bucket seating, priced at just over $2,000. it was an immediate hit. >> it was really in many ways the first american sports car and it came onto the scene just as music was changing film making was changing and i really think its times was important. >> the mustang would become a pop culture sensation. from spy films to comedies. >> brake, brake, look out. >> reporter: the mustang has
7:45 am
been featured in over 3,000 tv films and shows but reaching the 86th floor of the empire state building is for real stars. no stunt doubles here. >> we had a deep elevator, so we had to really put our thinking caps on. >> reporter: to make it work george and his team got down to basics. the limited edition mustang was cut into several pieces all small not to be brought up one by one. >> the old saying measure twice, kuns one. we had to take our time to do a meticulous time so you wouldn't see any of the cuts on the car. if you walk around it will be hard to find anything. >> reporter: early this morning when the observation deck closed the team sprang into action. it took them four hours. but as daylight broke on the
7:46 am
horizon, the ford mustang was ready to roar. 50 years after it launched here in the u.s. the ford mustang is going global. that right. for the first time ever, the mustang, at least the 2015 version will be sold in markets as far away as china. norah, if you want to get a firsthand look it will be sitting there for the first days. >> you can see they had a yellow mustang just for yu. i was going to say is does michelle miller come with the car? what i think is cool is it it's go team ford. it's very done. very cleverly done. >> they've got to get it down. >> they'll figure it out. >> all the cool kids drove the mustangs. >> i never drove a mustang. we had ford cars.
7:47 am
>> we had we're starting out with lots of sunshine in the bay area, sticking around all day. patchy fog out toward the coastline. still becoming mostly sunny and these temperatures going to be mild to warm outside; in fact, this afternoon soaring into the upper 70s in san jose, 76 santa rosa, 69 san francisco, 81 concord, cooling down tomorrow with more low clouds and fog, cooler starting out the weekend. . prince william and his family are on the move this morning in australia. norah, there's that color yellow. you can't go wrong wearing yellow. go, prince says kate. see how the royal tour is paying off down under. that's ahead. tomorrow inside into a scam targeting grant parents and stealing their money. a con man
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7:52 am
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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. shooting in richmond this good morning, it is 7:56. i'm juliette goodrich. police are investigating a shooting in richmond this morning. it happened in the parking lot of a target store yesterday afternoon. one man was critically wounded. investigators are trying to determine a motive and they hope surveillance video will help them find the culprit. also happening today on capitol hill, a hearing over how to protect the nation's power grid. the discussion comes as san jose marks a year anniversary of a pg&e substation attack. sub say that attack was an act of terrorism. -- some say that attack was an act of terrorism. bart unveils its fleet of the future this morning. the train will be shown off throughout the bay area over the next several weeks. these new cars will go into
7:57 am
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(announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. good morning. san leandro drivers have some unusual slowdowns on westbound 580. there is an accident. this is "kcbs traffic"'s latest tweet. it's approaching benedict. traffic is stacked up beyond 150th. one lane remains blocked. traffic super slow on southbound 880 with a much earlier crash at whipple. traffic never fully recovered. as you can see, red sensors from 238 down into fremont. that's your latest traffic. here's lawrence. a lot more sunshine outside. high pressure building in overhead hazy in spots. still seeing patchy fog but looking good so far from our mount vaca cam. that ridge will continue to build in throughout the day so the temperatures are going to heat up nicely even along the coastline we'll see more sunshine into the afternoon. numbers looking like this. 81 in concord. 70 san jose. 69 san francisco. a little cooler for tomorrow.
7:59 am
8:00 am
hello to our viewers in the west. it's wednesday, april 16, 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including the search for hundreds of ferry passengers still missing in south korea. but first here is a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. scenes of it tilting and shifting and people diving into the cold water. >> a disaster unfolding in the waters off south korea. a ferry filled with high school students capsized this morning. two unattended bags from found. one had camera equipment inside. the other a pressure cooker. they say it's unusual to see a large gathering of militia in an area so frequented by u.s. drone strikes.
8:01 am
in eastern ukraine the kun country's military and armed separatists are putting on rival shows of strength. we were on the cutter as it brought confiscated drugs back to land. this is $110 million worth of cocaine that's not going to reach the shores of the united states. a star player may have been kidnapped while being smuggled to america by a drug cartel. >> what happens when they get to mexico? >> once they get to mexico, that's where the craziness begins. well, it took six months of careful planning to get this con convertible mustang to the top of the empire state build inging. not an easy job considering there's only one way up. >> the yellow mustang just for you, i think. >> does michelle miller come with the car? >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by panera bread. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. a ferry making an overnight trip off south korea's coast suddenly rolled over and sank this morning. more than 450 people were
8:02 am
onboard. nearly 300 are missing. >> the confirmed death toll stands at five about but that is certainly likely to rise. a u.s. navy ship is helping the rescue effort. seth doane is learning that most of these passengers were teenagers. he's in beijing. seth, good morning. >> reporter: that's right. 325 of them were high schoolers heading to a resort island in south korea. there are absolutely unbelievable pictures of that rescue of helicopters lowering those cages, picking people up off of that sinking ship while others were just clinging to railings clinging to the side of that, being rescued by boat. we know that some of the injured were taken to makeshift clinics where at least one student said that he had heard an announcement to stay still, and he worried that that meant some people did not escape who otherwise might have. we know injuries have ranged from burns to hypothermia, and
8:03 am
there are heartwrenching scenes of family members and parents looking at lists trying to figure out if their loved ones if their kids were on that ferry. we know the ferry sent out a distress signal just before 9:00 a.m. local time in south korea and by 11:20 a.m. the ship had almost completely sunk. norah? >> seth, thank you. and much of the eastern half of the country is in the grip of a powerful spring storm bringing unusually cold weather this morning. it covered the area with new york in a thin layer of snow overnight. i couldn't believe the cars this morning covered with snow. meteorologist megan glaros of cbs station wbbm shows us where the system is now heading. megan, good morning. good morning to you, norah. yes, it's tough in april to see snow anywhere let alone deal with it on your morning commute. but what we've got out there is not just the snow but the cold. in fact, freeze warnings and frost advisories are posted from oklahoma to long island and record lows are possible for michigan all the way down to georgia this morning.
8:04 am
and, in addition we don't see that mild of an afternoon condition either. 45 degrees in cleveland. 50 new york city. 43 for portland. about 53 degrees in denver. but it could be worse. you could have snow on tap. we are looking at 10 to 15 inches of snow potential across parts of wisconsin and the upper peninsula of michigan. if we get over a foot of snow it could be the biggest snowstorm on record this late in the season ever. >> wow, megan, thanks. on the one-year and verse relative the boston marathon bombings, police say a man attempted a cruel hoax. the he left a suspicious backpack near the finish line. a bomb squad blew up the bag at the scene, one contained a rice cooker with confetti. the suspect faces multiple charges this morning. witnesses said he had been acting strangely. >> he was wearing all black clothes, black pants, no shoes on.
8:05 am
big heavy backpack and a veil over his face like a bride's fail. veil. he was yelling boston strong. boston strong. two officers over there turned around. hey, come here for a second. so he tried to dodge them at first. another one came around from behind him grabbed his backpack off him right away. they pulled him off to the side and pulled it down in the middle of the street and started pushing everyone back off boylston. >> what a terrible joke to play on that day of all it's. >> an awful thing and distracting from what was a beautiful day in boston. >> certificateemonies earlier in the day honored the three people killed in the bombing and the police officer gunned down during the man manhunt. joe biden remembered one captured on camera. >> the whole world witnessed ordinary citizens ordinary citizens doing extraordinary things. and what has become an iconic photograph is carlos. carlos in his cowboy hat.
8:06 am
pushing gemjeff bauman off the scene after having both blown legs. that photograph, that picture, is hanging on walls around the world. carlos did what you bostonians do and americans do. carlos ran to him rather than from him. >> we'll never forget that picture either, mr. vice president. the man in the hat carlos arredondo, was in the audience. >> really a beautiful day yesterday. >> it was. >> especially to see, too, the richard family, of course. they lost 8-year-old martin there, gathered and, you know watching, of course people cross the finish line. >> i have great admiration of the people of boston how much they love the city and how much they love each other. i've never seen anything like it really the way they've done. >> and in a way it brought them together again.
8:07 am
>> we'll be there monday for the running -- >> you'll be there live. >> -- the running of the marathon, another day to mark this occasion but also as everybody trace to move forward to celebrate, too. and president and mrs. obama invited guests to the white house for a passover seder last night. the today the president goes to pittsburgh to promote a job training initiative. he will sit down with our chief white house correspondent major garrett. you can see that interview beginning tonight on the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley and continuing tomorrow here on "cbs this morning." the duke and duchess of cambridge have moved from new zealand to us aaustralia. prince william and kate and baby george landed to begin a ten-day visit. jonathan samuels of sky news is in sydney the family's first stop. >> reporter: a bright and breezy start to the royals' australian visit. prince george already seems like a pro. a lifetime of handshakes starts here. the queen is unlikely to carry
8:08 am
out duties again in australia. royal responsibilities here have now been passed to her grandson. the duchess' dress lit up the harbor as the crowds filled the space around sydney's iconic opera house. they're here to charm and impress, and it's working. >> very grateful for the messages that we received. i suspect george's first word might be -- >> reporter: amongst young royal fans chloe, who chaekly asked kate for a photo. >> i yelled out to her and she came over and i gave had her my flowers and we got a quick selfie. oh i like your blouse.
8:09 am
we're matching. i'm like, i know, i know. it was really cool. >> reporter: the itinerary for the royal couple could hardly be any more aussie. over the next ten it's they'll visit the beach, head into the outback and, of course experience australian wildlife. like the wombat. this toy a hit with the prince. in his speech william spoke of australia flowering self-confidence, a description that also aplace toplies to him and himself. "cbs this morning," sydney. >> never get tired. >> and you love that yellow dress, i know fwail. >> i'm trying to find that dress right now, norah. >> i would look like a banana. >> and i like bananas. >> that's what kate said you look like a banana in that dress. >> no, they're gorgeous. and prince george already looks like a little prince, doesn't he? >> he does.
8:10 am
adorable. >> something special. north korea is upset with the london barbershop this morning. it mocked the country's dictator kim jong un. the hair company put an ad featuring a picture of kim, a slogan below read bad hair day? the shop's manager says north korean officials visited the salon demanding the poster be taken down. the shop refused. both sides spoke with london police. they say no crime was committed. but the poster has reportedly been removed because it was blocking too much sun light. >> yes, he started thinking, do i want to tick kim off or do i need more sun light? yes, i need more sun light. >> i think that's known as a but part, that haircut. >> not a good look on most
8:11 am
the cost of some prescription drugs is getting harder to swallow. dr. david agus looks at the new medication that costs $1,000 for
8:12 am
one pill. yax. and what can we do to get thoets costs under control up next on "cbs this morning." ing up on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by panera bread. find your panera favorite at pan d. find your favorite bread at
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8:16 am
in our "morning rounds," the growing cost of prescription drugs. costs jumped by 3% up to $329 billion with a "b." for people who take what are known as specialty medicines, the costs are really soaring sky-high. one new drug for instance, is for hepatitis c. it runs $1,000 per pill. wow. our dr. david agus joins us from los angeles. dr. agus it's always good to see you. first of all, what does this
8:17 am
pill do and why does it cost so much? >> it actually is a remarkable pill. it takes help tie it c what was hard to treat before only those who went through rigorous medicine, they got better but it had a lot of side effects. this pill is good, you take it once a day but it cost $1/,000 a pill. they say it costs $329 billion and we need to recoup our incentive and at the same time there are 3 million people with hepatitis c in u.s. and they need this drug. it's a monopoly. they can charge whatever they want. >> what are so-called specialty drugs that are also expensive? >> it's a new class of pharmacy drugs. rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis sclerosis, they represent 1% of prescriptions yet over 25% of
8:18 am
costs. a new drug is predatory practice. yo have a monopoly. you can charge what you want and what the market will bear. the drug companies say, well over time it pays off because they work better less side effects but pay all the costs up front. we need to get more involved here. >> so you're saying the cost is not justified. >> i'm saying the system can't handle the cost and it's not a rational-based pricing. we need to have pricing based on returns to the patient. >> i like that phrase you just said predatory practice. what can we do? >> we have to do something different. we have to either regulation this and what is the value to the system. what if you went to pharmaceutical companies and said, hey, listen payment only works if it works. we need to come up with appropriate pricing so we can all benefit from these drugs and push the companies to make new exciting drugs because we need them. >> i was assuming the drug
8:19 am
companies would say we spent a lot of money on research and development for things that don't pan out and we need to get some kind of return on those that do. >> there's no question. there's got to be bans there. but at the same time there has to be some rational price. if you have advanced cancer and i make a new drug i can change whatever i want and the insurance company has topy or you have to pay out of our own pocket. when you have the best in the class, you can charge yo roy want. the only push might be the government enacting the law and that might be legally dicey correct? >> no question. it's not clear who's charging. it's not the fda. they're not involved in pricing at all. how do we get leadership to get involved to make changes and a difference. >> thank you so much. the coach of basketball's top team says you have to work hard to succeed and his mother told him so.
8:20 am
>> i went to the dorm. i called my mother and said mom, i'm coming home. i was crying. the last thing i heard was a click. >> she hung up? >> she hung up. i was like all right, i got go back because i can't go back home, so i just had to stick it out. >> uconn's kevin ollie talking about his fast rise and what coaching tips does he have for us. that's next on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: cbs "morning rounds" sponsored by purina. your pet, our passion. purina dog chow light & healthy.
8:21 am
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8:24 am
tomorrow on "cbs this morning," the white house aides with the low profile and a lot of clout. why you do think the president of the united states trusts you so well? >> i proved to him that his best was my number one priority that my hard work on his behalf wasn't self-interested. >> deputy chief of staff is called one of the most powerful people in washington that you have never heard of. she'll tell us why she's leaving the white house tomorrow on "cbs this morning." >> i can't wait to see that. >> looking forward to that. >> she's so interesting. i like her so much. and she is on everybody's list for the most powerful that you don't. >> the president's strongest
8:25 am
surviving member. >> she falls your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morninggood morning, it's 8:25. i'm juliette goodrich. in the headlines a teen is in critical condition after a shooting in a target parking lot. two people were shot outside the store on mcdonald avenue in richmond yesterday evening. no arrests yet. investigators are trying to determine how an apartment building caught fire in san francisco. flames shot out of the roof of the multistory complex on dolores street. nine people were displaced. also, bart unvase its fleet of the future today. the public will get a look at the new car design at justin herman plaza in san francisco at 11:00. the first of several events in the bay area. the new cars go into service in
8:26 am
2017. we'll have traffic and weather in just a minute.
8:27 am
good morning. out to cupertino we go and there is an accident there blocking one lane. you can see our sensors are showing the backup all the way into downtown san jose. unfortunately, 101 isn't looking better from morgan hill. here's a live look at the richmond/san rafael bridge. we have been looking for something going on. there's no incidents reported but it is jammed solid at the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza and all across the span until you get to marin. if you're traveling through silicon valley westbound 237,
8:28 am
also pretty heavy from milpitas to at least zanker road and then a little sluggish continuing toward 101. here's a live look at the nimitz in the east bay. 880 now backed up looks like 238 out to your embarcadero exits. that's the latest "kcbs traffic." with the forecast, here's lawrence. a lot of sunshine coming our way. we take you out to ocean beach this morning haze hey, patchy fog near the coastline but looking good there, ocean beach hazy sunshine. a little warmer all around this morning. the ridge of high pressure building overhead. clearing out the skies to the coastline. low to mid-60s there for highs. almost 70 in san francisco today. about 77 in redwood city. and about 78 degrees in san jose. as we look out over the next couple of days, high pressure going to weaken. i think we'll see more of a sea breeze tomorrow morning. that will carry with it more low clouds and fog. then a weather system moves in friday and saturday with more clouds and cooling down temperatures. but then we heat right back up on easter sunday with mostly sunny skies.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour how to succeed in business without an mba or selling your soul. best selling author stanley bing is in our toyota green room. he looks very familiar. she'll show us the step by step guide to success with a fair amount of funny business thrown in. >> and kevin ollie just led the uconn huskies to a men's national championship and tells gayle how his past prepared him for the role and whether the nba is calling. that's ahead. >> right now, it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. the new york daily news looks at the family of martin richard. the 8-year-old boy was killed in the boston marathon bombing. his family is not only coping
8:31 am
with that loss but their own injuries from the attack. as part of their healing think launched the marin richard foundation and on monday 100 runners will remember martin as they compete in the 2014 marathon. "the washington post" previews a new s.a.t. college entrance exam. the college board released draft sample questions this morning. one asks for the definition of the word intent. the essay will be optional. the high score will return to 1600. the "los angeles times" says the brothers of the late actor paul walker will help complete filming on "fast and furious 7." walker died in november if a very fiery car crash. he has already filmed most of the scenes. his two look-alike brothers caleb and cody will stand in to fill in some of the remaining gaps. and the london telegraph says when it comes to sleep the happiest couples need their space but not too much. it cites a study suggesting partners who sleep less than an inch apart are more likely to be happy in their relationships than those who sleep 30 or more inches away.
8:32 am
i'm a believer in that. >> it makes sense to me. >> me, too. >> don't get the king size bed. stay in a queen size bed. >> oh, i like the king size. >> snuggle. you got to snuggle. >> you need time to be close and time to be away. >> i like the king size bed. you need a lot of room. i think being close -- >> i think one inch is a good idea. >> yeah thaefrt. >> the denver post says the colorado rockies helped celebrate jackie robinson's career. players on every team they played yesterday wore the number 42 on their uniforms. that was robinson's number when he played for the brooklyn dodgers. they honored the 67th anniversary of robinson breaking the color barrier in major league baseball. >> and variety says that soul train's next stop may be broadway. a producer bought the rights to the legendary tv show. he's hoping to draw on the huge appeal soul train enjoyed during 35 years on the air. pop hits have been a hit in recent years. >> this morning we're going to show you a way to the corner office without spending a quarter million dollars and two years of your life studying for
8:33 am
an mba. our next guest says achieving success is much simpler if you can master basics like not appearing stupid and not hitting "replay all" on e-mails. thank you. could somebody please stop doing that. i so agree. >> we have all done that. you go yikes! those are some of the lessons in a new book called "the curriculum: everything you need to know about be a master of business arts." it comes from best-selling authority and fortune columnist stanley bing. but it's really his pen name. around here we know him as the one and only gil schwartz. he's senior executive vice president and chief communications oefrs for the cbs corporation. but today we welcome stanley bing. this book was hilarious. when i first got it i said oh it looks like a textbook. but there's a reason for that. one reviewer said about you, it's a completely make-believe set of rules on how to conduct ones self in business. or is it? because some of the advice was so right on. i love starting with the stupid stuff.
8:34 am
because you said being stupid is an impediment to success. >> yes. >> stupid comments. i won't be available all weekend, call me monday. my voicemail is full. or number three, who's bleeping idea was that. stupid happens allot in the business world. >> everybody does stupid things. and i think the important thing is to not appear stupid. it's actually more important to not appear stupid than it is to not be stupid. because many stupid people get ahead but not if they look stupid. so i think that's why it's -- >> smart people can look stupid and not get ahead. >> well, absolutely. or be punished for stupidity that's just apparent and not real. so, you know i think it's a good idea to open the book with a chapter on that as opposed to going straight to things like finance and marketing. >> yeah. >> because if you appear stupid you may ruin your chances, even if you foe about all those things. and it's a very focused method of not appearing stupid. >> you've created some handy videos designed to be corporate bland, to show people how not to
8:35 am
appear stupid when you have no idea what you're talking about. let me just show those. >> well, sir i've seen the numbers, and there are a lot of them. yes, sir these are numbers all right. >> listen, i'm not really a math guy. i guess that's why the nerds in finance all drive mercedes. am i right? i'm more of an ideas guy. >> well ted, sounds like you need to focus harder and study up. if you can't keep up maybe next time i'll invite steve to join us instead of you. >> frank i've seen the numbers, and i'm as disappointed as you are. one number in particular caught my attention, and i was wondering if you could explain to me how we wound up here. >> ah excellent question janet. you see, ted, this is the type of special attention and laser focus i expect from you. allow me to explain. >> now, the concept here is a focused question. >> yes. >> that is when somebody puts a
8:36 am
table of numbers in front of you, you go what is this then you look stupid. but if you go what does this mean? then financial people in particular will embrace the opportunity to inform you what that one number means. and think it's a darned good question. >> for a moment they think you know what you're talking about. >> because you must know the rest if you focused on that one thing. so that's a focused question. >> you have a thing, too, about dealing with crazy. if you're in a meeting, do this up, down up down until someone just says stop doing that. >> yeah, what are you doing. that's in the chapter called maintaining mental fitness. and i do have some exercise that you can do which include getting up, and walking about the room and it kind of interfaces a little bit with the chapter on board. >> or deals with falling under the desk scrambling around and sitting up and going, what are we talking about? >> you have to be rather senior to do things like that. >> what's the rule for drinking with your boss. >> this i learned very early. it is -- it's simple by the way.
8:37 am
the math is simple you stay one drink behind your senior officer. one drink behind. >> how do you know this? >> well i violated that the first party i ever went to in the corporation. i discovered there was such a thing as free scotch. the idea of free scotch. my goodness! and so i had a lot of it and i went over to the ceo, fortunately was a good person and i embraced him with both arms and said this is a great f'ing party. and he said, go home. and fortunately he didn't hold it against me. >> but he remembered your name gil. >> this is why i began with not appearing stupid. >> how can being a bit crazy or a tad angry work for you? >> well craziness, while it may not work in private life if it acts in business think about the people who are very detail oriented to the point where they don't get along with other people, they make fantastic financial people. >> yes. >> and they're great -- they're
8:38 am
embraced for their details. when it comes to anger, you know, too much of it you have to be a mogul. but some of it if you operate without anger you've lost an edge. you need to have access to your anger, and to manage it properly, if you want to -- if you want to actually function with people. >> can we ask you something with your gil schwartz hat on? >> great. >> hmm. >> presto change-o. >> wow, that really hurt. >> gil schwartz are you here? >> go back a moment to stanley. >> i'm so much less interesting. >> the decision that cbs just made was a huge one, who was going to replace david letterman. and of course it's stephen colbert. a lot of kudos for that. what went into making that call and making it so quickly? and did you make it? >> i had fortunately nothing to do with it. i'm sometimes inept to explain it. it was kind of a natural thing and it happened after dave spoke of what he wanted to do and i believe the thought process had been in progress just in terms of thinking, for awhile. and then i think when both sides
8:39 am
wanted to do something, and dave letterman was also very embracing of the idea. so it was a -- it was just a lovely thing -- >> i got the impression that mattered. chelsea handler posted a picture where she's reading cbs material. should we read anything to that or just stay tuned? >> i'm really going to turn into gil schwartz now and tell you that i can't comment on that. >> suggesting she might be there for the other role? >> i don't know. she's reading the cbs stuff. it's all over the place. >> go back to stanley bing again, i would just say that if you're after a job, doing things like that doesn't necessarily help you. >> okay. >> can i just say -- can i just say this really and we work with you too, but this is really, it was a funny book and i think there's some truth to it. i mean you make light of stuff but there's some truth to how to have sort of emotional intelligence, as opposed to eq the importance of eq. >> thank you. >> we have to go stanley/gil but one reviewer said you could spend $250,000 on business school or get "the curriculum."
8:40 am
goes on sale right now. in its first trip to the ncaa tournament as coach kevin ollie led uconn to the national title. but he said this is no beginner's luck. our conversation is com
8:41 am
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basketball coach kevin ollie las been on quite a journeyen from anba career that saw him play in a dozen different uniforms to replacing the
8:44 am
denldary coach jim calhoun at the university of connecticut. you might think that journey culminated new con's national championship last week but that would imply it's over when this trip is just getting started. lebron james said this about you, that kevin ollie has a coaching gene. kevin durant said he taught us the mindset and professionalism and all of us wanted to be like him. >> wow. that's pretty awesome. >> what's the kevin ollie formula for success? >> man, just a lot of hard work, believing in yourself and pride that i've go to get better at something every time i wake up. >> we've been on youtube. "happy ♪ you even had a thing where you did a jay-z brush your shoulders off, kevin ollie.
8:45 am
>> we brush the doubters off. we have to brush the doubters off. >> you inherited a team that was on academic probation. wise is this particular players. because of that yukon wasn't allowed to play last year. what do you do to motivate your players f everybody says they're going to win. everything says that. >> you're exactly right. everybody brings it in for the season and says one, two, three, championships. i'm not chasing championships. championships are chasing us. i'm not doing that. i want our players to be better people when they leave campus i. is more than basketball. it's life lessons we're trying to teach. >> let's talk about unionization. a lot of campuses are talk about it. where do you stand on that? >> everybody need as voice. nba can yoos your likeness for a lifetime. we have to do something for our student athletes. we have to change. >> did you ever have any trepidation about stepping into the shoes of coach jim calhoun?
8:46 am
>> i cannot step in his shoes. the only thing i'm glad, he passed me the baton and i'm trying to run as fast as i can with it. he's great man, a father figure to me. he's seeing something inside of me before i seen it in myself. i eechblt went out a with a 17-year-old kid from los angeles. >> what did he see? >> he's seen a fighter. like when i first got to campus, i'm a freshman. i'm playing against all these great players and i'm like i went to the dom after our first practice. said, mom, i'm coming here. i was cryering. next thing i heard was a clichlkt i thought, all right, i've got go back. i can't go back home. i always stick it out. he always told me be the hardest worker. no matter what be the hardest. >> mom did a favor hanging up on you. >> she did. she said i sent you there for a reason, get your degree and play
8:47 am
basketball. >> you've been through a lot of different teams. >> i wasn't the most talented. i had to watch tape. i was playing like 10 minutes. i had to make sure i knew every play not only my team but opposing teams. i had to do my homework. >> too you think what made you player made you a better coach. >> i'm so glad when i look back at it that i was able to be around so many players and coaches. of course, when i was an nba player i wanted to. it's good to come in the locker room and say ollie is on one of those jerseys. i don't care if it was on a ten-day contract or make good contract. i'm so glad he took me to that journey. >> this was in "usa today" right before the tournament. did you see this? >> no, i didn't. >> i thought this was really great. coach's parks kevin ollie, 1.2 5rks billy donovan, 3 president
8:48 am
9. john calipari 5.9. bo ryan 2rks.2. there's ees's a rumor they're going to rewrite your contact. is there a backup truck? >> no. >> you are thinking i could probably get a little more than $1.25 million. >> i imagine because of a national championship yeah. i just rang the bell at the new york stock exchange. we're going to sit down and negotiate but i want the best for uconn. >> so even coming in here today, somebody sees you, if they say, kevin ollie, you're going to the nba, have they called? >> no the nba hasn't called. >> if they called would you answer? >> no not like in my life. >> let me pick up the paper next
8:49 am
week, kevin and id says guess, what noe so-and-so called. >> no. i'm just worried about my kids here at the university of connecticut. i've gone three guys four guys that want to graduate on time. way. to be there for the graduation. actually that's going to be better than the national championship. i'm never going to say never, but i'm having so much fun. it's my dream job. >> his dream job. i fell in love with him. he's married, two kids very happy. >> he had a lot of different positions. >> and he played for uconn so every time he walks on the court -- >> and he knows jim
8:50 am
8:51 am
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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morning, i'm juliette goodrich. it's 8:55. time for some news headlines. police are investigating a shooting in richmond this morning. it happened in the parking lot of a target store yesterday afternoon. one man was critically wounded. investigators are trying to determine motive and they hope surveillance video will help them find the culprit. also happening today on capitol hill, a hearing over how to protect the nation's power grid. the discussion comes as san jose marks a year anniversary of a pg&e substation attack. some say that attack was an act of terrorism. and bart unveils its fleet of the future this morning. the model train also shown off throughout the bay area over the next several weeks. these new cars will go into service in 2017. a look at our weather now
8:56 am
with lawrence. >> yes. we have a lot of sunshine coming our way today. a lot more sunshine already this morning compared to yesterday. we'll see sun all the way to the coastline today. you have northerly winds developing outside so clear blue skies over san francisco and around the rest of the bay area, just a little hazy now. mild to warm temperatures toward the afternoon. numbers are going to be running above the average. about 81 in concord. 81 also in the napa valley. 69 in san francisco. and about 78 degrees in san jose. looking out over the next couple of days, low clouds return, temperatures cooling down especially on friday and saturday. then we'll warm back up on easter sunday before more clouds come our way. traffic and weather is next. that's why they've got lots of ways to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. for easter get a safeway spiral sliced ham, for just $1.99 a pound. cadbury mini eggs are only $2.69.
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good morning. it's a final check of "kcbs traffic." and out we go to the peninsula. palo alto, there is this accident there approaching the embarcadero exit southbound lanes of 101 injury crash likely. and you can see the delays from menlo park straight on down into palo alto itself. here's a live look at the bay bridge, still even close to 9:00 and we are still backed up into the macarthur maze westbound 80 also heavy from richmond into berkeley.
8:59 am
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